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Airbrush Tanning/UV Free Tanning

Airbrush Tanning Information, Tips, What to expect and SpRay Prices-

Information -

Airbrush tanning does not provide sunburn protection.  Indoor and Outdoor tanning provides a degree of sunburn protection by increasing the amount of melanin in your skin, it is your natural SPF.  Airbrushing/Sunless tanning is a temporary coloring on the outer layer of your skin, it does not increase melanin production.  Please remember to use a moisturizer with sunscreen to help protect from over exposure to the sun.

If you are getting an airbrush tan for a special event it is best to do it 1 - 2 days before.  This will give the solution time to set.  The people you see on line with spray tan issues more than likely went to their event without allowing time for the spray to set/develop properly.

Color will gradually get darker throughout the first day.  The color you have immediately after the session is not what you will end up with so remember less is more.

Most airbrush solutions contain a temporary color, this allows you and I to see where you have been sprayed and allow you to have immediate color.  This color is temporary, it will come off when you do your warm water rinse at the end of your setting time.  Depending on the solution you choose and the color you want, your rinse time will be anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours after spraying. You may appear extremely dark before your rinse, this is because you have both the temporary color and the developed color.  When you rinse and see color in the shower, the tan is not coming off, it is the temporary color and will rinse off in the shower. 

Chlorine, salt water and prolonged soaking(especially in warm water) can fade your tan much quicker, please apply a water resistant sunblock when enjoying any activities that include water exposure.   I cannot guarantee that your color will not fade during these activities.

Your airbrush tan should last 5 - 7 days.  The more you do to protect your color the longer it will last.

Tips -

One to 2 days prior to your airbrush tanning session shave and exfoliate.  Exfoliation is very important as it will remove the dead layer of skin cells allowing the solution to have a "fresh canvas".  You can use moisturizing scrubs and lotions at this time, keeping your skin hydrated is very important.

IMPORTANT - do not use moisturizing scrubs, liquid soap, bar soap that contains moisturizers the day of your SpRay tan session.  The solution will bead up and not adhere to your body (the moisturizers create a barrier).  We will not be able to continue the appointment until your skin is free of any oils/lotions.  I carry the Norvell eXmitt  which you can purchase to solve this problem.

Remove all jewelry - this will keep solution from getting on them and you from getting lines due to them.

Wear very loose clothing, the looser the better, for the first day.  The more clothing you have on and the tighter it is increases the chance of rub off.  If the no lines look is important (for a strapless dress) try not to wear anything that could cause lines where you don't want them for about 1 hour.  This gives the solution the opportunity to dry and start developing.

Wear clothing that won't bother you if they are stained.  We do not guarantee that the solution will wash out of everything.  It should wash out and in most cases will, but we do not make guarantees.

Make sure hair is pulled away from your face and neck area. I provide a cap to help keep it out of the way, though if your hair is very light you may want a thicker shower cap.

What to expect - 

During your appointment - 

Women you may be sprayed in whatever manner of dress you choose, men must wear at least a g-string.

Apply the barrier lotion that the technician provides you to cuticle areas on finger and toe nails and if your elbows or knees are excessively dry you may be instructed to apply there also.

You will possibly be asked to turn and move in odd positions, these are to be sure you have the best tanning coverage with the least amount of creases and lines.

The solution is pleasant smelling and light, it could be a little cold when it first hits you so just be prepared.

I will instruct and guide you through the process, just relax.

After the appointment - 

Do not sweat, wash with soap, apply lotion or make-up for the first day, this will ensure your tan develops properly.  Your first shower will be anywhere from 1 - 24 hours after being sprayed, you will be informed by your technician as to when this should be.  Do not use soap,shampoo or conditioner at this time, it is strictly a warm(not hot) water rinse.

Using soap products during this rinse could cause unevenness or streaking.

After the first day you can continue activities as normal.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! It will help your tan last longer as dry skin flakes off (and takes your tan with it).  To help your tan last as long as possible use a bronzing moisturizer.  The more you rub, scrub, or shave the quicker your will fade, so keep these to a minimum.

Airbrush Pricing

This is for full body spray only

1 - 3 people $30 per person

4 - 6 people $30 per person and the host is free (SpRay Party)

6 - 9 people $25 per person and the host is free (Super SpRay Party)

Travel fee within Waterford is $5. Outside of Waterford will depend upon the location, you will be informed before booking.

Let me know what you are looking for, I will work with you.

At this time I do not accept credit/debit payments for mobile appointments.  Payment will be expected at time of service in cash or a personal check.  Please make sure when having a SpRay Party that all of your guests are informed of this policy.  You will need a credit card to hold reservations for large parties, but will not be charged unless you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment.  A Cancellation Fee of 25% of the expected service will be charged ($100 in expected service = $25 cancellation fee)  If you must cancel please call me as early as possible so that we can reschedule and so I can possibly schedule someone else for the time you can no longer use.