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Why I believe in and distribute It Works! Global products -

I am an Independent Distributor forIt Works! Global.  In February 2013 a distributor came to my tanning salon to talk to me about this company.  One of those seemingly awesome but too good to be true stories.  She asked my to try out one of hercrazy wraps.  I did and over the 3 day process I lost over 3 inches in 3 different measurements in my tummy area!  Amazing enough.  For me it only got better because that day we also discussed other health issues, my major one being severe tummy problems (and not just the size of it :)  )  I won't get too graphic, but suffice it to say for the past 20+ years I had spent a lot of time in the bathroom.  I should have been a stick figure since nothing stayed in, but my body was getting rid of the good stuff and keeping the fat!  Lose/lose all the way around.  Any how, she suggested I try REGULAR - it is actually billed for those having difficulty but to my amazement (and continued amazement) it worked!  Pretty much from day one of taking REGULAR I have been able to eat what I want, when I want, without fear!  I lost 11 lbs in the first few weeks just because my body was able to process the nutrients and eliminate the bad stuff.  I was sold on the products and the It Works! Global company.

In a 3 month period - 

1. Before

2. after 2 or 3 wraps

3. after 5 wraps

4. after 8 wraps

Other products used during this time - REGULAR, THERMOFIT, FAT FIGHTERS, & GREENS.  Only things use regularly was REGULAR & GREENS.  If I was too lazy to use these amazing products regularly you know I was also too lazy to exercise regularly.

Some before and afters - you can wrap anywhere on your body from your chin down!  We have a special facial wrap too.  Some people are lucky enough to get just what they want out of one wrap - most of us take more work but it is worth it!

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